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Lay all your plans before God, to be carried out or given up, as His providence shall indicate. Accept His plans instead of your own, even though their acceptance requires the abandonment of cherished projects. 7T44.

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The Great Controversy

Handwritten Manuscript Portion
for the 1884 Edition


Hat Catalogue paper

Ellen White used the back sides of hat catalog ads printed by the Pacific Press to write her earliest drafts for The Great Controversy. The portion of the manuscript displayed here is for chapter 29 (pages 370-379) entitled "Spiritualism"–used in the 1884 edition. The material also formed the basis for her expanded presentation found in chapter 34 (pages 561, 562), "Can Our Dead Speak to Us?" of the current edition of The Great Controversy. While Ellen White rarely kept working papers and initial drafts of her books once they were published, more than 500 manuscript pages prepared for the 1884 and 1888 editions of The Great Controversy were preserved.
(Click on the Picture to view a larger image. It may take some time to download)

Our Web site contains several papers and articles of interest regarding the book The Great Controversy, including explanations of what was involved in the changes authorized by Ellen White in the 1911 edition, and discussions regarding the book's authority:

Original Manuscript of The Great Controversy

(Click on the Letter to view a larger image. It may take some time to download)

Documents Pertaining to
The Great Controversy

Author's Stated Purpose for Writing The Great Controversy

The 1911 Edition of The Great Controversy; An Explanation of the Involvements of the 1911 Revision.

W. W. Prescott and the 1911 Edition of The Great Controversy

The 1911 Edition of The Great Controversy. By Arthur L. White. From The Later Elmshaven Years, Ch. 23, pp. 302-321.

Inspiration and the 1911 Edition of The Great Controversy. By Arthur L. White. From The Later Elmshaven Years, Ch. 24, pp. 322-337.

Ellen G. White’s Portrayal of the Great Controversy Story. By Arthur L. White.


W. C. White Statements Regarding The Great Controversy

Statement made before the General Conference Council, October 30, 1911

Statement to S. N. Haskell, October 31, 1912

Statement to L. E. Froom, December 13, 1934


Ellen G. White Estate Statement Regarding The Great Controversy

Statement of Endorsement


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Previous Exhibits

Images from the church record books where the Harmons had their membership in Portland, Maine, before being excluded because of their Millerite views.
Many of Ellen White's articles and letters were first written in large blank diary/journals. This is an image of a page from one of those journals.
James White's Paper The Present Truth. On November 18, 1848, Ellen White was shown in vision that her husband, James, should start a little paper. Like "streams of light," it would eventually go "clear round the world."